After graduating from UNA’s commercial music program in 2007, Chris began working at Noiseblock Studio in Florence, AL. Studying and working in an area with such incredible musical history has inspired him to make great quality music that lives up to the reputation of The Shoals. Today, his home base is still Noiseblock, where he records, mixes, and masters a wide variety of musical genres.



Chris Studio 1920 Res-488



Chris has worked with all kinds of artists, from all kinds of genres and backgrounds. Whether it is recorded in a big studio or a bedroom, the goal is still the same- to bring out the artist’s vision for the song and to get the most potential out of the production.

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Chris Studio Half Res-417



Mastering is more than just volume. Good mastering brings out the best qualities of the mix, and solidifies how each song fits into the rest of the record. Over the past three years, Chris has mastered numerous projects (including vinyl) and is dedicated to making sure the last phase of the record-making process is not overlooked.

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  • Mastering
  • Mixing
  • The Pollies
  • Kelly Marie – Tugawar Single
  • Ryvoli- Theories EP
  • Autumn EP – Nick Dahlquist
  • Leslie Satcher and the Electric Honey Badgers
  • Ryan Azzaro
  • Somebody – Austin Tyler Jones
  • If You Don’t You Never Will – Prime Circle
  • Heavy – Jessica Lamb
  • Atas: One – Sleeping At Last
  • Wendigo – Penny & Sparrow
  • Richard Stirton
  • Gavin Edwards
  • The Icarus Account
  • Matthew Mole
  • Prime Circle
  • Sleeping At Last – Sight
  • Just Jinjer – Everything Since Then
  • Coldfield
  • Brett Eldredge Illinois song mixed by Chris Bethea
    Brett Eldredge – Illinois
  • The Sweeplings – Rise & Fall
  • Sleeping At Last – Many Beautiful Things (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • Ross Christopher – Ozark
  • Sail Music – The Sound of Your Name
  • Sleeping At Last – May EP
  • Sleeping At Last – Covers
  • Paper Lights – Caverns
  • Bill Mallonee – Winnowing
  • Sleeping At Last – Christmas Collection 2014
  • Heidi Feek – Trail Pop
  • Brett Elderdge – Bring You Back
  • Percy Sledge – The Gospel of Percy Sledge
  • Hey Romeo – I Got This
  • Jessica Lamb – Travel EP

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