About Chris

Like many people, I wanted to be a musician when I grew up.
But after touring the country with my band in a Ford Expedition whose battery died every time we stopped the car, I decided that life was not for me. So I studied commercial music in college and landed an internship with Grammy-winning songwriter Gary Baker. After graduating, I was lucky and got to stay on as his staff engineer and recorded all of his projects. I realized that in addition to recording, I really wanted to get into the mixing side of making records because I felt like I could work on my own time and by myself, instead of in a room with a bunch of people (I’m an introvert). The next several years were spent learning how to mix at a professional level. It took a while, but I eventually started mixing all of Gary’s productions and then started picking up clients of my own. Fast forward a few years and now I am mixing records all over the world for producers who have become good friends.

I have worked with all kinds of artists, from all kinds of genres and backgrounds. Whether it is recorded in a big studio or a bedroom, the goal is still the same- to bring out the artist’s vision for the song and to get the most potential out of the production.

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Chris Studio 1920 Res-488